Holiday Lunch: Michael’s Restaurant

A great thing about dining with a bunch of people – as in holiday lunch with colleagues – is that you get to check out a wide array of dishes the restaurant offers. The not-so-wonderful part is that the dish you order never looks as good as your friends’, and you end up regretting your choice the entire time. It’s a terrible feeling!

I’m usually content with what I order expect this day at Michael’s Restaurant in Santa Monica, where everything I selected seemed wrong and everyone else’s seemed right.

For a starter, I ordered a Dungeness and Blue Crab Salad because I was in the mood for wonderful pieces of crab on top of green salad. But what I got was a mixture of crab meat, diced apples and Japanese cucumbers in rich mayonnaise-based dressing. The dish was beautiful and flavorful but it unfortunately didn’t satisfy my need for greens (yes, I should have read the menu carefully). The image of the grilled shrimp salad that I passed over was flashing through my mind the entire time I was eating my dish. Boo.


Dungeness and Blue Crab Salad: Organic Market Apples, Japanese Cucumber, Petit Greens, Cider Gastrique

Other starters that made it to our tables were:


Seasonal Oysters, on the Half Shell, Banyuls Mignonette


Sashimi of Yellowtail, Pickled Vegetables, Baby Cilantro, Black Bean Oil


Cauliflower Soup, Lemon Brown Butter, Crispy

For lunch, I ordered the Alaskan Hook and Line King Salmon with asparagus and mushroom risotto. The dish was delightful – with perfectly cooked Arborio rice and tender piece of fish – but I didn’t feel that it was seasoned well. Everything was more on the bland side, and I had to add some salt and pepper to season the dish, which I usually don’t prefer to do. The hanger steak that others ordered looked so good, that I was wishing that I ordered it instead!


Alaskan Hook & Line King Salmon, Asparagus & Wild Mushroom Risotto, Black Truffle Jus


Seared Hanger Steak, Red Bliss Potatoes, Wilted Spinach, Bordelaise Sauce


Seared Tuna Salad, Romaine Hearts, Fingerling Potatoes, Hard-Cooked Egg, Blue Lake Beans


Alaskan Halibut, Hen of the Woods Mushrooms, Soybeans, Sweet and Gold Potato Puree, Mushroom Vinaigrette

The dessert, however, was perhaps the best part of lunch. I ordered the Apple Pie Souffle Tart, which had the combination of flaky, chewy, tart and sweet, all in one. But again, the Chocolate Fondant Cake looked more delightful than anything else.


Apple Pie Soufflé Tart, Salted Caramel Sauce, Vanilla Bean Ice Cream


Chocolate souffle


Panettone French Toast, Maple Panna Cotta, Poached Seckle Pear, Cranberry Sorbet

Michael’s was, to me, one of those “perfect on paper” restaurants. The menu was sophisticated, food was good and the ambience was pleasant,  but it wasn’t … excellent. There was something missing from making it a divine experience, although I cannot pinpoint exactly what that would be. Maybe it I tried it again and order different dishes, I may be able to figure out that missing piece of the culinary puzzle.

Michael’s Restaurant

1147 Third Street, Santa Monica, CA 90403


3 thoughts on “Holiday Lunch: Michael’s Restaurant

  1. I know exactly what you mean! Try WORLD’S CAFE on Main St. Santa Monica. I think you’ll find that satisfaction you were looking for. Similar sophisticated menu with great vibe (outside patio is heavenly!) & the food’s got a KICK. I went to Chaya Venice across the street also on Main St. which was MORE expensive than WC and it’s so happening (lines of people out the door, heavily advertised) but it really wasn’t all that good. There’s Japanese sushi chefs and it sure was pricey, but it wasn’t worth the $. Maybe I should order different things, but even seeing what my friends ordered, I think it was over-hyped and not too satisfactory.

    I’d love to take you to World Cafe. We can even walk from my place so let’s!

  2. ok let’s do a santa monica day consist of:
    1) running down the beach
    2) yoga (i found a great studio)
    3) urth cafe for lunch (i like this one much better than melrose)
    4) window shop abbot kinney and hit pinkberry
    5) world cafe for dinner
    6) brennan’s irish pub for a drink and watch the live turtle race

    : )

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