Welcome to the Northwest: Paley’s Place in Portland, OR

My work sends me to Portland, Oregon often, and despite the fact that it rains more than six months out of the year, I’m not complaining. The varieties of Pacific Northwest cuisine I get to experience during my stay compensates for the miserable, gloomy days.

I’m not really sure how to properly explain this emerging cuisine expect to say that it’s quickly becoming one of my favorite American cuisines of all time. The menus consist of locally- grown organic fruits, vegetables and berries, and fresh seafood plays as the centerpiece of all meals. Selections of wine is something to gush over too, and although I don’t usually order white wines much back home, local white wines always make it to the table whenever I’m here.

Paley’s Place in Portland pretty much sums up all the wonders and beauty that is Pacific Northwest cuisine. Located in Downtown’s 21st Street, this 50-seat restaurant is a Victorian-house–converted joint that offers Oregonians with familiar yet sophisticated dishes sure to satisfy even the pickiest eater.

What I love so much about this restaurant is that it offers half order for most of dinner plates, which gives us indecisive food lovers the opportunity to try new things without going into food coma (or broke).

My epicurean partner-in-crime and I began our culinary adventure with the bottle of 2006 Adelsheim, Auxerrois from Willamette Valley, a white wine which has the wonderful floral scent. It was neither too dry nor too sweet, and it went well with every dish we ordered.

We ordered fresh oysters (pictured above) to start. And here’s the rest of our lovely dinner! Aaah, heaven!


American Kobe Beef Steak Tartare & Traditional Accompaniments


Pumpkin and hazelnut mezzuluna

Fried Razor Clams, Spaghetti Squash, Bacon-Wrapped Treviso & Bacon Hollandaise


Blackened Spot Prawns, Fall Vegetable Medley & Grilled Lemon


This night’s special, a warm poundcake with huckleberry jam (sorry, it has a more fancy name but I can’t remeber!).

Because chefs here use fresh, local and seasonal ingredients, the menu changes every season. Just knowing that you may never have the opportunity to try these heavenly dishes again, it makes you savor every bite. Seriously, this is one of the best food I’ve ever experienced in my life!

Paley’s Place: 1204 NW 21st Ave, Portland, OR 97209


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