I’m Just Sleepy …

My sister pointed out that a body sometimes mistakes lack of sleep with hunger, so I went to bed a little earlier than usual last night … and woke up very refreshed! And I didn’t feel hungry all day and didn’t overeat!biggrin

Shannon and I met in the morning to go for a run around Rose Bowl. I was looking forward to a nice jog with my running pal, but my soleus muscle on both legs started cramping up very early in the run and we ended up walking the entire 6.2 miles (this is not the first time this happened). I really think it’s the shoes. I’ve had this pair for about a year now and I think I’m due for a new one. I can tell that they have lost their cushioning.  Off to the running store I go next week.

Breakfast (9:30 a.m., not pictured): I ate a chocolate brownie bar for breakfast before the walk.

Lunch (1:30 p.m.): After the run, Shannon went off to the food truck festival, and Kevin (who met me after his hockey practice) and I went to Stonefire Grill for some salad lunch. We really like this place because you get your money’s worth.  It’s not the cheapest place to dine, but you get a pretty darn good portion of a pretty darn good food.

He ordered the South of the Border salad with chicken and I had my favorite BBQ tri-tip salad. I used up half of the dressing and two small containers of its amazing BBQ sauce.  No soda.  No bread.  YAY!

I ate a lot more than what’s on the picture, but I still managed to pack some leftover for lunch tomorrow.

Dinner (6:00 p.m.): Had a bottle of Steelhead beer that Kevin left in the fridge (it was so good). I was completely out of wine but felt like drinking a little so this was perfect.  I’m nicely buzzed now.

For dinner, I had a Korean BBQ plate with grilled marinated beef, rice, seaweed salad, fermented squid, and kimchi. I had a second serving with a little more rice and banchan.  On the way back from lunch, I stopped by HK Market in Glendale and stocked up on goodies like banchan, natto, and lotus.  I’m so happy.

Kangoo workout with my sister (the trainer), Tiffany, and Shannon tomorrow morning! YAY! Looking forward to going to be early again tonight.

2 thoughts on “I’m Just Sleepy …

    • Thank you, Green Girl! Happy new year! How are you? I think I’ll feel better once I get a new pair. I had something similar a few years ago when my legs weren’t feeling right for a few weeks … and I switched to a new pair and the pain suddenly disappeared! I hope your running is going well!

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