Living Like Rock Stars in the Penthouse!

viewIt is Day 3 in Denver and we’re still going strong (translation:  we’re still alive and breathing)! The training is going well and the participants, who traveled from all over the country, are absolutely wonderful. We couldn’t have asked for a better group of people, with such energy and a positive attitude. We trainers are still working hard and burning the midnight oil to prepare for the following day, but all of our efforts are definitely paying off.

I wish I can say the same about my eating, however. With every kind of junk food imaginable only a short reach away (cookies, candies, ice cream, you name it, we have it), my eating has been out of whack since my arrival to Denver. I’ve been eating tons of processed food during the day and super high-fat dishes for dinner (I even ate Fettuccini Alfredo last night at Dave and Buster’s … eek!) and can’t seem to control myself. I even stopped counting Weight Watcher Points after the first day because it’s too freighting to find out how much I’m consuming daily.

Happy news: P and I moved into the Burnsley Penthouse last night! The management team was kind enough to reward our hard work by giving us the pimped out rooms that overlook the beautiful Denver skyscraper! The Penthouse has a living room, kitchen and a dining room downstairs, and P and I are staying in the upstairs bedrooms.

living room

The beautiful living room area


The spiral staircase that leads to the upstairs bedrooms


I wish I can spend more time sleeping!

The only downside is that there is only one bathroom upstairs but who’s complaining when you have a big, beautiful, rockstar bathtub like this one?


Tonight was one of the few nights that we have free for dinner so P and I decided to stay in and order room service while we put finishing touches to tomorrow’s presentation (and cheering for the Penguins!  Go Pens!). 

crab cake
Crab cakes for me

Salmon and Mango salad for P


Game 6 and keeping my fingers crossed that history does not repeat itself!

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