Faux Pas Indeed

If you name a restaurant faux pas, you need to really, really make sure that the place is extraordinary, just so that you won’t become a victim of your own joke. Unfortunately, Faux Pas Bistro in Mid-City, located across from The Grove, was just that – a total misstep.

The atmosphere was wonderful, with a charm of a cute little bistro on the streets of Paris, but the warm and fuzzy ends there.

I didn’t completely dislike the place … but I couldn’t love it, even though I tried. The server kept apologizing for the delay in bringing out our food (we seriously didn’t get our food for an hour after we ordered) and kept telling us how busy they were, even though there were many, many empty tables around us. Other tables, who were seated way after us, got served before we even got our appetizers.

Luckily, I was with my long-time pals Abbie, Sydne and a chilled glass of Pinot Grigio so the wait didn’t feel too long … but it was still pretty ridiculous.  It was a good thing that we weren’t overly hungry.

Quiche Lorraine

The salad that accompanied the quiche.

Profiterole (came with two of these gigantic cream puffs in one order!)

The food was okay but nothing special. My Quiche Lorraine was decent but the cheese had hardened on top, forming a thin film from perhaps sitting out for a while … and the Profiterole that we shared for desserts tasted a bit stale.  The food at Little Next Door is way better than here (check out here, here, and here).

There’s no other way to describe this restaurant than … well … faux pas. At least we saw the glimpse of Queen Latifah at the restaurant to brighten our afternoon.  (By the way, she was very tiny.)

Faux Pas Bistro
7910 W 3rd St, Los Angeles, CA 90048

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