Engagement Roast Chicken

Don’t get too excite here, noone is getting engaged. This is the name of one of Ina Garten’s roast chicken recipes that I cooked for dinner tonight. According to Ina, this roast chicken is so good, that whoever makes this for his / her significant other will end up engaged immediately after. I wasn’t able to test out this theory as I dined solo tonight but I must agree that the recipe is pretty amazing. I would have to say that this was one of the tastiest chickens I’ve roasted at home.

I usually pick up a prepared roast chicken from a neighborhood supermarket on Fridays (they go on sale for $5 every Friday at Pavilions) but I decided to roast my own this time after picking up a 4-pound whole chicken for $3.98 (what a deal). Since the bird was small (unlike a Thanksgiving turkey that can go upward of 10 pounds), it took no time to cook and I loved that I get to enjoy the wonderful aroma that reminded me so much of the holiday season!

On a completely random note, there was something that Oprah said on her show today that hit me like a ton of bricks – that “life whispers at us.”

She had a woman on the show, whose husband vanished her during a trip to the Greek Islands, leaving her with many questions and a mountain of debts. They both agreed that there were subtle signs (the whisper) that lead up to this. The signs aren’t obvious at first and many people choose to ignore them but life is whispering warning signs our way all the time. It is our responsibility to listen and act on our instincts because they are almost always right.

I feel like my body is whispering to me that I’m in trouble. I think I really need to start living a healthier lifestyle. I haven’t been eating well lately, have less energy, always sad and moody, and I can hear my body whispering to me to take better care of it – to love and appreciate it more. So, after the show, I listened to my body and I popped in a P90X CD and got to work. (Here’s me and P90X creator Tony Horton.)

Maybe Ina’s right, that there is a spell that comes with the Engagement Roast Chicken, because today, I got engaged to the most important person in my life — myself.

2 thoughts on “Engagement Roast Chicken

  1. I’ve never roasted a chicken. I always buy the ones from Costco or the market. Maybe now I can get up the nerve to do one myself. I like what you said about life whispering to you. I hope that getting healthier helps you to feel better and be happier. Love ya, Hirono!

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