The Breakfast of Champion: Dim Sum

dragonI rarely get out of bed before noon on a Sunday but when I do, my boyfriend and I like to go out for breakfast. When he’s in my neighborhood, we settle for traditional American-style breakfast of eggs and hams at local coffee shops, but when I’m in his, it’s almost a guarantee that we go for dim sum at nearby Chinese joints. I love the fact that Chinese enclaves of Los Angeles (Monterey Park and San Gabriel Valley) are right in his backyard. 🙂

We sample variety of dim sum restaurants in the neighborhood and our latest destination was NBC Seafood in Monterey Park, a banquet hall-like restaurant suited for wedding reception and other big events. We arrived around 11:00 a.m. and the place was already packed with hungry weekend patrons looking for some dumplings to kick start the day. We waited for about 45 minutes to get our table, which wasn’t too horrible, considering that I’ve waited for a table for nearly two hours at a super popular Empress Pavilion in LA Chinatown. One good thing about this type of restaurant is that once you’re seated, you can start eating immediately just by grabbing the dish you want from moving carts!

dim sum 1
Har Gau (steamed shrimp dumpling), egg rolls, and Jin deui (or Matuan), deep-fried dough filled with sweet bean curd and rolled in sesame seeds

dim sum 2
Siu Mai (steamed pork dumpling) and fried crab with sugar cane

dim sum 3
Steamed Cake and Char Siu Baau (bun with sweet barbecued pork)

I wouldn’t necessarily say that NCB Seafood is the best place for dim sum as there are so many other fabulous places around, but they do offer decent selections of dumplings and other dishes.

In the war of breakfast, har gau and siu mai will kick hash brown and scrambled egg’s ass.  Seriously, there’s no competition here.  And if dim sums don’t make you want to get up early on a Sunday, I don’t know what will.

NBC Seafood
404 S Atlantic Boulevard, Monterey Park, CA 91754

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