Amazing Race: Santa Monica Classic

santa monica 2On a totally non food-related topic, my sister and I completed the Santa Monica Classic, a Nike-sponsored 10k run on May 3, 2009! This race is our yearly running ritual and we have so much fun every year! Our friend C joined us this time and we had an absolute blast!

Last year, I ran the same race in 1:12:57 (11:46 min / mile pace). I know I’m slow but what the heck!  This year, my time was 1:12:36 (11:43 min / mile pace). These times are virtually identical, separated only by mere 20 seconds! 😯 Isn’t that crazy? I don’t think I can repeat this even if I tried! This race made me realize how fascinating human body truly is.

After the race, we walked down to the Farmer’s Market and I had a mouth-watering corn on the cob (with lots of cayenne pepper!) and a decadent baked sweet potato with cinnamon sprinkles! To top it all, we did all this before noon! Talk about a productive morning.

(P.S.  Don’t you love it that I’m wearing an Adidas shirt to a Nike event?)

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