The Happy Hour, Brazilian Style: Acai


My week-long Brazilian adventure came to an end on Friday. While I was happy and relieved to have everything I needed to accomplish in Brazil accomplished, a part of me wasn’t ready to bid farewell to this town, and the people that made my experience such a special one… at least not without a final lunch!

acaiTo make my last day special, as well as to celebrate the end of the long workweek, my friends took me to Acai for lunch, an outdoor restaurant that looks like it belonged in Hawaii rather than on the busy street of Faria Lima in Sao Paulo. Acai, they told me, is a real popular hangout especially on a Friday and although they are not known for authentic local cuisines, they have some great casual eats.

The restaurant, part juice bar and part tropical island-inspired restaurant, served wonderful variety of fruit smoothies, including its namesake, acai. Acai is a nutrient-dense Brazilian berry used to make drinks and desserts. I ordered the acai smoothie with ginseng, which was refreshing and satisfying. (Its grainy texture and sweet flavor is seriously addicting!)


I was not disappointed when I ordered a Filet Mignon sandwich with thick slice of mozzarella, sun dried tomatoes and arugula on a sesame bun, with a side of crispy fries either. The meat was tender and seasoned deliciously with salt and pepper, and the flavorful juice oozed out with each delicious bite.


I was too full to eat dessert but I took bites out of other’s, including the Papaya Cream and fresh pineapple with lime juice and zest. They were both so delicious that I wished I had some room left for the dessert of my own!



My weeklong adventure in Brazil was an amazing one. I could not have imagined having a better time than this, and I owe it all to the wonderful people I had the opportunity to meet here. I look forward to returning to this place soon 🙂

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