Not So Celebratory: Sawtelle Kitchen

This is the first meal Kevin and I enjoyed as husband and wife! YAY! After we turned in our paperwork at a court house, we headed over to Sawtelle Kitchen for a celebratory lunch.

It’s not that we particularly like Sawtelle Kitchen but it was the most convenient place for us to dine. This is one of those restaurants that I really, really want to love, but something always holds me back. I can never pin point what it is … but there’s something that’s just … off. But anyway, it was a celebratory lunch, and we went all out with wine (just me), appetizers (clams steamed in sake, pictured above), and more!

Sweet potato fries with plum mayonnaise.  Cute idea but was pretty ordinary.

I had grilled pork chop, with garlic-chive ginger sauce. I wish the meat was cooked a little more rare.

Kevin ordered Six-hour braised lamb shank, demi-glace sauce. It was good but tasted a bit gamey.

I think I’m already starting to sound like a nagging wife so I’ll stop here.  Good news is that lunch might have just been okay but the married life has been fantastic so far!

Bar Hayama

Great dinner with Saori at Bar Hayama on Sawtelle — thank you!

We both ordered Chef’s Special Bento Box, with miso soup, otsukemono, brown rice, assorted tempura (vegetables and shrimp), assorted sashimi, assorted sushi, skewered meats (beef, lamb, and chicken), salmon and mushroom dynamite, meatball wrapped in fried wonton, and berries for dessert.

Lovely space inside, although the outside fireplace is much more wicked.

LOVE the mug design.

Kings came out victorious tonight over Vancouver, in the first round of NHL playoffs. We are now leading the series 3-0! One more game, boys! Go Kings go! Pride. Passion. Power!