Day 2: A Perfect Day in LA


Woke up at noon and relaxed on the balcony overlooking the city.




Lunch at Herringbone …




A cocktail or two …


Lounged at Skybar in the afternoon …


More drinks while reading Kindle and Nook …


DSC_0209 DSC_0218

… and dinner at Lawry’s.


And returned to our hotel room and watched the Olympics closing ceremony.

The perfect Sunday.

Dine LA: The Palm Restaurant


I think I’m enjoying Dine LA Restaurant Week way too much this year. After overdosing on Brazilian-style, all you can eat meat feast at Fogo de Chao on Friday night with Kevin and his wonderful friends (and swearing off meat after suffering a major food hangover for the next two days), I found myself at the Palm Restaurant in West Hollywood today for my lunch date with friends Abbie and Sydne for some more meat!  I guess it’s an absolute blessing that we human have the ability to forget.

Today’s lunch at this top-rated steakhouse was one of the best deals I’ve seen in a long time. I thought $45 for dinner at Fogo was amazing but this one was definitely up there as the best bang for the buck! For $25, we got a choice of salad, entrée, and dessert from a pretty impressive list of selections. Steaks at this place usually cost over $50 but we were able to experience all the goodness, and much more, for a fraction of the price. The portion may be smaller but it was still very satisfying!

Thank you, Dine LA!


First course: Mixed Green Salad


Second Course: I selected New York Steak Au Poivre. Abbie had Filet Mignon Medallions and Sydne had Nova Scotia Lobster BLT Sandwich.


We shared the sides: Creamed Spinach


String Beans and French Fries (picture on top)


Third Course: Flourless Chocolate Cake

Okay, no more meat for a while … unless I completely forget about it again … lol

Who Knew?!? Delicious Vegan Lunch at Real Food Daily

lovely-tableI never thought I would put words like “vegan” and “love” in a same sentence — being the hard-core carnivore that I am. But I’ll say it.  I love vegan food!  And I’ll say it again and again.  I also love Ann Gentry’s Real Food Daily restaurant in West Hollywood for opening my cow-obsessed eyes to the infinite possibilities of fresh, organic, natural ingredients that make vegan dishes one of a kind.

My sister took me to this vegan joint she frequents, located a few blocks from the Beverly Center on restaurant-packed La Cienega.  It was a Super Bowl Sunday and although neither of us are girly girls, we just don’t have much appreciation for football, so it was a perfect day for us to get out for a “healthy” day out — while the entire nation sat home and indulged in beer and junk food.

I love all kinds of vegetable and incorporate plenty of them in my daily meals but there was something very foreign and frightening about “vegan” food that completely omitted everything that once had a mother or a head. I was definitely intimidated to try non-dairy cheese and a tofu molded in a shape of a turkey (and mysteriously tasted like one).  I wondered — how tasty can these creations be?

But may I just say … WOW. Everything I had was a touchdown – one of the best food I’ve had in months. My sister and I started out with a tall glass of spinach/celery/carrots/apple/ginger juice. At first, I wasn’t sure about the combination of putting vegetable in a drink. Yes, I’ve seen Jack LaLanne rave about how delicious these juices are (at 2:00 in a morning), but the idea of putting stinky celery and spinach in a juice sort of grossed me out. Well, I guess the good old Jack knew what he was talking about because the juice was smooth, refreshing and delicious. Sweet apples and spicy ginger mellowed out the strong scent and the aftertaste of celery.  It was a pleasant surprise.

I ordered a Portobello Sandwich and although this was no different from a vegetarian sandwich you would order at regular restaurants as far as ingredients (Portobello mushroom, tomato, leafy greens and red onion), it was fresher, more flavorful and satisfying than anything I’ve tasted. The pesto spread made the sandwich out of this world.


My sister ordered a bowl of Fettuccini Alfredo with (non) meatballs. Believe it or not, the vegan version of the meatball was more dense and juicy than any of the ones I’ve had at Italian joints, and I absolutely could not believe they contained no meat products! She also ordered a side of kale, which was very simple but delicious nonetheless.



We ate so much but we didn’t feel gross at all. Because everything was made out of fresh, organic ingredients, we felt great for the rest of the day. I highly recommend this place to anyone who’s curious about vegan cooking, or anyone who just wants to experience an unbelievably delicious food that makes your body jump in joy.

Real Food Daily
414 N. La Cienega Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90048

P.S. We headed to Korean Spa after lunch and got our entire body scrubbed. We soaked in hot baths and sweated all the toxins out in steam rooms. Talk about a healthy day, I tell you … well, so we thought … until we went to Korean BBQ for dinner that night and put all the gunk back into our body!