Chasing the Flavors of the City: Magnolia Bakery, NYC


I won’t go so far as to take the Sex and the City bus tour, but I was definitely curious to see some of the memorable locations featured in the show while I was still in New York. (Just like any other red blooded women in the world, I absolutely love the show.  I would have to say that Miranda is my favorite character, although all those silly “which-SATC-character-are-you” quizes I take indicate that I’m more Charlotte … hmmm.) One place in particular that I had to visit was Carrie’s apartment, or the front of the apartment known to fans as Carrie’s Stoop. Although she lived in the Upper East Side on the show, the actual apartment steps are located in Greenwich Village on Perry Street, between West 4th and Bleecker Street. The actual address is 66 Perry.


Another reason why I wanted to visit the Greenwich Village was to check out the ever-so-popular Magnolia Bakery and try its famous cupcakes. I admit that I’m a total ambulance chaser when it comes to sweets, and ever since I watched Saturday Night Live’s “Chronicle of Narnia” rap, (Lazy Sunday), I had to check this place out and see what the buzz was about with my own eyes.


The bakery was only a few blocks from Carrie’s Stoop, and as I expected, there was a line about 15 people deep. The place was a lot smaller than I expected but I was able to grab the famous Red Velvet cupcake from the self-serve cupcake section. Since there was no place for me to eat there, I walked over to the little park across the street.


I really enjoyed the whipped vanilla frosting that was smothered on top of the cake (it was heavenly) but the cupcake itself was a blah. The cake was pretty flavorless and way too dry! Perhaps it was because it had been sitting out for a while (afterall, it was already around 3:00 p.m. when I got there) and it would have probably been so much better earlier in the day, but still, I thought Sprinkles was 100 times better! Nonetheless, I was very happy that I had the chance to take a bite out of the beloved New York landmark.

Magnolia Bakery
401 Bleecker Street, New York, NY 10014