Rainy With the Chance of … Roach?

screamDear General Manager,

Several colleagues and I are in the Atlanta area for business this week and decided to dine at your restaurant Nan Thai Fine Dining on 1350 Spring Street NW tonight. I have heard wonderful reviews about your establishment and we were really excited to dine at one of local’s favorite restaurants.

The night started out very promising, with wonderful glasses of wine and delicious appetizers. However, our dining experience was cut short when we spotted a cockroach crawling on the booth where we were seated. The server immediately came over to remove the cockroach from our table by squishing it with a napkin, and the manager came soon after to apologize for what had happened, which we appreciated.

What bothered me the most about the experience was not necessary that there was an insect at our table (which, of course, were quite traumatizing) but the fact that your staff did not even offer to compensate for our dinner. Most of us at our table were still midway through our main course but we were not able to finish our meal because of what had happened. I appreciated that the manger came to apologize but I was truly disappointed that he was not going to take the matter further and compensate us for the experience.

Please know that I was not looking for a monetary compensation, as I was willing to pay for the entire bill of $200 (and I did), but I was hoping that he would at least offer to make up for the unpleasant experience by offer some type of compensation – even a plate of dessert. This was particularly disappointing because of your reputation as one of Atlanta’s 10 best restaurants. A simple act of kindness would have gone a long way.

It is unfortunate but we will not be returning to your restaurant and I will not be recommending this place to our friends and colleagues in Atlanta. I understand, in the restaurant business, that having pest and insect issues are inevitable. However, thoughtful customer service is controllable, which, I am sad to say, your establishment did not demonstrate tonight.


nan thai

(I was not going to publicly post the name and location of the restaurant, but after failing to respond back to my letter after five days, I had no choice but to disclose the information.  This place obviously doesn’t give a shit about customer service.  It’s time to go over to Yelp and Chowhound to talk some more shit about this roach coach, you inconsiderate, insensitive, unsanitary mofo.)

Nan Fine Thai Dining
1350 Spring Street NW