Friendliest Place to Dine: Daphne’s Greek Cafe

daphne-002I don’t usually eat fast food. I’m not a health nut by any means (you probably figured that one out by now), but I just think they are evil (with exceptions of sub shops).  The only time I would eat at a place like McDonald’s is if it is the absolute last place I can grab something to eat before I die of starvation. After I watched Morgan Spurlock nearly kill himself by only consuming items purchased at the Golden Arches for a month in his documentary, I began asking myself if I wanted to keep putting that kind of junk in my body. And the answer was a big, fat, greasy, supersized “hell no.”  Sure, I eat food that are not good for me all the time (more than I care to admit), but I don’t have any desire to pollute myself with artificial, chemical-laden food like the ones served at fast food joints. (But I must say, those cocaine-laced French Fries still taste pretty darn good.)

What I’ve noticed in the last few years is the emergence of places that I call “semi-fast food” – restaurants that serve delicious, relatively-healthful food quick, and I’m so thankful of these places.  One of my favorite “semi-fast food” establishments is California Chicken Café that offers a generous portion of rotisserie chicken, salads and other comforting sides for people on the go (although the place specializes in chicken, it is very vegetarian-conscious). Another one of my favorites is Daphne’s Greek Café that features a colorful array of affordable Mediterranean food.

I love everything about the Mediterranean cuisine – spanakopita, falafel, dolmas, hummus, feta cheese, pita, everything. I also love the fact that the cuisine in general is very friendly to people with particular dietary needs — whether it be no meat, low carbohydrate or low fat  – and we can all still have good, satisfying eats.

For lunch, two vegetarians ordered Vegetarian Plates …


And one Adkin guy ordered a steak salad (the spicy feta cheese here is amazing!) and we were all very, very happy (so happy that we had to force ourselves to return to work).


Daphne’s Greek Café
1781 N. Victory Place, Burbank, CA 91502

My Big Fat Greek Dinner: Eggplant Moussaka

a-greekThe first car my father purchased when he moved to the states in the 80s was this ginormous Buick that was a size of my bedroom. I don’t know what it is with Asian men of that generation. It’s like it’s embedded in their DNA that they are suppose be fascinated with big American cars. Maybe it was a pre-requisite in school to watch Super Fly during the world history class or something.

My father’s fascination doesn’t end with big American cars. His enthusiasm extends to big American holidays. When holidays like Thanksgiving roll around, my father becomes possessed and brings home serious loads of food — enough to feed a third world country or two. He makes it his mission to over-stuff us with food. Feeding his family is his way of showing his affection and how can anyone say no to that? I love him so much.

This is the meal I prepare for him the other day. What better way to return his love than by cooking him a Big Fat Greek dinner?


Egglant Moussaka, courtesy of Tyler Florence


Greek Salad


Tabouli with Quinoa

Thanksgiving is right around the corner.  Be afraid, be very afraid 🙂