In Progress: Ribbon-Edged Cardigan

I’m happy when I’m knitting.  Sure, it’s not all roses when it comes to complicated patterns, dropped stitches, and losing count in the middle of a row, but all in all, knitting brings a smile to my face.

Now that we’ve officially entered fall (although that just means it’s 70 degree in Southern California — no, I’m not complaining), my craft fever scale has tipped slightly in favor of knitting over sewing.  There’s nothing more joyful than sitting on the couch and knitting a lovely project in a cozy home, while watching some silly television shows — all while the husband helps untangle the ball of yarn for you. This is what happiness is all about.  I’m so incredibly blessed.biggrin

Currently on the knitting needles is this adorable ribbon-edged cardigan from Debbie Bliss’ Special Knits that I’m making for our little Pon Pon.  I’m making one for 12-24 months baby so it’ll be a while until she gets to sport this pink cardigan, but I know how quickly the first year flies.

I was really looking forward to finishing it this week but it turned out that I didn’t have enough yarn!  I actually got these Rowan Amy Butler Belle Organic DK yarns in Hibiscus by accident a few years ago (I was actually trying to buy them in purple to finish this project but got them in a wrong hue), and only had three skeins on hand.  I just placed in order so it’ll be a good few days until the Pony Express delivers them to my doorstep and I can resume the project.

I think I’ll cast on a new project while I wait for the delivery.  I’m so glad that my arm is feeling better now.

Updated 12/7/12: I finished knitting the sleeve and the sweater is complete!   It is currently being blocked on the dining table. Weaving in ends took forever, but I’m happy with how it came out. It’s time to look for matching buttons.  Can’t wait to post the final photos soon.


Better Late Than Never: Lacy Scarf

I finished the Lacy Scarf for Maya over the weekend.razz I started the project back in April and it sat there for a few months, but it’s finally finished and ready to be shipped to her for her birthday!

I’m thinking about making this for myself, maybe in a different color. I love how it fits around the neck. It’s not too heavy because it’s airy but it keeps the neck comfortably warm!  I’m glad Maya suggested to double the width from the original pattern.  I think I like this size much better than skinnier version.

Cooler weather and the urge to knit certainly go hand in hand. Now that the season has officially turned to fall, my love for knitting reignited in full force. I can’t stop thinking about what to knit next. My goal for the season is not to acquire any more new yarns and try to use up everything I already have. I have a few sock yarns that I purchased a while back so maybe it’s time to cast on my first sock soon.

Updated 12/26/12: Thanks, Maya, for sending me the picture! Here’s my BFF with the scarf! 🙂


Lacy Scarf

Maya came to LA to spend some time with me, Kevin, and our little Pon Pon this week. It was wonderful spending stress-free two days with my best friend. Since she’s originally from here, there was no need to take her out sightseeing or anything, so we ended up spending most of the time inside the apartment, talking, eating (a lot) and being absolutely lazy. Some may wonder why we wasted away the precious time doing nothing, but this is how we roll, and we won’t have it any other way!

The last time Maya and I hung out (not including the wedding) was back in March, when we spent a fun-filled week in NYC. While spending time in the Big Apple, she forgot to pack her scarf so she ended up wearing my green hand knit lace scarf.  She liked it so much that I agreed to make her one! She picked out her favorite yarn at Purl SoHo and I promised her to have it ready by fall.

Well, I wasn’t able to finish it by the time she visited this week, but I’m making progress! I’m almost finished and I’m hoping to have it ready for her for her birthday at the end of the month. I’m thankful that Portland remains cold a little longer than Los Angeles, so she’ll get to enjoy this cozy scarf around her neck for a good few months!

Project Note:

I’m hoping to post the picture of Maya sporting this scarf very soon! 🙂

Update (November 19, 2012): YAY, I’m done! Check out the final product here!