Breakfast Mea Culpa


I had a total, “oh crap,” mea culpa moment the other morning at Urth Caffe.  Just take a look at the receipt and please weep with (or for) me.  I just spent a whopping $26 on breakfast. Twenty six dollars! Seriously, who spends that much on breakfast FOR ONE, right?  I’m convinced that an Alien came down and temporarily took over my body when I was making my order.

Well, an Alien or not, the mistake was made.  And while the Nicoise Salad with smoked salmon nestled in lightly dressed bib lettuce was satisfying, it wasn’t worth as nearly as much in my opinion and I’m still regretting that I splurged so much on something I thought was mediocre, at best.


As I was walking away from the cash register feeling defeated, and with a significantly lighter wallet, I told myself that I will not be returning to Urth Caffe for a while.  I still love this place but it was time for me to reevaluate my spending.  As I was saying this to myself, a barista brought over my Moroccan Tea Latte with this foam art …


OMG, this is unreal. This has to be the cutest foam art I’ve ever seen. I’m convinced that Urth has some sort of technology where it detects customers that’s thinking about parting and lure them back with this cute-as-a-button puppy drink.

Darn you, Urth, darn youuuuuu!

Yes, I will be back next week.

The Best Coffee in LA: Cafe Dolce

I’m no coffee expert but I know when I taste a delicious cup of coffee … and for me, a cup at Café Dolce in Little Tokyo is the best in town. The best. Who knew that there’s a quality coffee house in the Japanese Village, surrounded by Japanese supermarket, and shabu shabu and sushi restaurants!

Kevin and I make sure that we stop by there for a cup of coffee (my favorite is the ice coffee) during our Japanese grocery shopping runs on the weekend.  I tried Mocha Roti (round sweet bread) for the first time today and it didn’t disappoint either!

Here’s the beautiful Cafe Latte I ordered.  I hope you all have a wonderful July 4th!

Café Dolce
134 Japanese Village Plaza, Building E, Los Angeles, CA 90012