On the Green Smoothie Bandwagon


I did it! I finally hopped on the fast-moving green smoothie bandwagon and purchased a super powerful Vitamix blender!  biggrin

I felt extremely guilty spending so much money on a blender (it was definitely a case of the “want” overcoming logic) but I figured if this can help me get in the habit of eating breakfast daily, it’s worth the investment!

I own a juicer and I really enjoy the freshly-extracted veggie and fruit concoction, but blending might suite me better since I can take in all the fibers and other wonderful nutrients that go to waste with juicing. And I absolutely love that there’s significantly less clean up with the blender!  Woot woot!

My goal is to drink a glass of green smoothie for breakfast for the next 30 days (and hopefully longer)  – or at least enough time to get my money’s worth.

green smoothie

Here’s what I drank today. The recipe was inspired by Peach Coconut Dream by Simple Green Smoothies. I meant to use the frozen peach but grabbed a bag of pineapple instead and was too lazy to swap.

Pineapple Green Smoothie

(Serves about 24 oz, I think)

2 cups spinach, fresh
1 kale leaf
1 cup coconut water
1 cup frozen pineapple chunks
½ cup fresh grapes

Blend the greens first with coconut water. Mix the rest of the ingredients in high, until smooth.

I went with mostly spinach this time but I think I can up the amount of kale next time.  Maybe some frozen bananas would be nice too.

Since we’re on the topic of green — I made a green top and a matching bloomers for Pon Pon, with the same cotton gauze fabric I used for the other pair of bloomers but in green.

green dress

Baby Bloomers

I love big butts and I cannot lie … redface

Babies’ butts, that is. I just love those little, diapered bottoms so much that I became obsessed with making these little baby bloomers to dress up Pon Pon’s tush!

pink bloomers

I used the pattern from a Japanese craft book (「いちばんよくわかる赤ちゃんとちいさな子の服」)that my mother brought back from her recent trip there. They feature many projects suited for beginner seamstress, with plethora of pictures and visual instruction. I’ve been making hand-sewn bags and other accessories for a few years, but this was actually my first garment attempt … but thanks to the book, I was able to made these with no tears!

I used Kokka Trefle Cotton Gauze for this pink version that I got from Fabric.com when I was pregnant with Pon Pon. I suspect that this fabric has been discontinued, as I cannot find it anywhere now. It’s such a bummer because I adore these little cute bears! cry

blue bloomers

For this pair and a matching top (also from the same book), I used Denyse Schmidt’s Posie in Turquoise I purchased from Form and Fabric (great customer service). I love this design and the feel of the fabric so much that I snatched up all the different color variations for other projects.

dress and bloomers

It’s been months since I sewed up a new project and it feel wonderful to get back on the sewing machine saddle!