DYI Wedding Invitations

Every time I think of wedding invitations, my mind immediately goes back to that painfully funny scene from the movie, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, where the mother takes the liberty of ordering the invitation against the bride’s will! eekI still don’t know if I should laugh or cringe when I see the cards with a huge blue Greek flag printed on the front!

Wedding invitation is such an important part of letting our guests know who we are as a couple, and we wanted them done just right … so we put on a designer hat and got busy creating our own little cards!  We wanted them to be simple, personal, and no frills, … like us.

We ordered all the cards and envelopes from LCI Paper. I highly recommend this shop if you’re looking to make your own wedding invitations! They offer wonderful products, helpful tutorials, and great customer service, at a very reasonable price.

I accidentally ordered more cards than I needed (I forgot that 90 guests mean 45 set of cards, and not 90 since they come in pairs … duh), so I have enough to make holiday cards for many years to come! lol

Here’s what we created:


Save the Date Card

RSVP Card: People seemed to really like the response choices!

Gift Registry: Instead of registering for gifts, we requested guests to donate to their favorite charity.

Direction Card

We also created a Website to house all the information for guests to visit.

Wedding Favor: Original Tote Bags

When I read this post on Fig and Plum and Jessica’s amazing success on creating original tote bags for her wedding, I knew that I had to make them too for our big day! I just loved how lovely and personal these gifts truly were. So, I purchased Gocco, a Japanese print-screen machine, on eBay and blank canvas tote bags, ready to create our own, wedding favors.

That was six months ago.

I don’t know why I procrastinated making the bags for so long … but there was definitely a price that I had to pay for being lazy!

Three days before the wedding, I finally wiped the dust off the machine and got to work. Everything was going great until I transferred the inked design onto the canvas bag. I’m not sure if it was the amount of ink I used or the pressure I was putting on, but I simply could not get the ink to print the design without leaving nasty smears and smudges!  Eeeek!mad

Kevin and I tried for about an hour unsuccessfully, until we realized that time was running out. We needed to make a decision quickly, whether to give up on this project or continue. We were about to throw in the towel on this tote bag project altogether, when we remembered the iron-on transfer we saw at Target. We knew that the bags weren’t going to look as nice as the Gocco version, but we decided to go with this option. We drove to the nearest Target right before closing and bought the entire inventory of the iron-on transfer papers.

Here’s how to iron the design onto the bag:

Step 1: We printed the Wordle design onto the paper.

Step 2: Cut the design into desirable size and shape.

Step 3: Place the iron-on design onto the tote bag.

Step 4: Put the clear paper (which comes in the package) on top of the design and iron at medium heat for about two minutes. Let the bag sit to cool, and you’re done!

We actually really like how these bags came out! We also love the white background. These bags are packed and ready to go.

Special thanks to Kevin for staying up until 3:00 a.m. to get these bags done!

Post Wedding Update:

We put the tote bags in the large basket and placed it on a table by the guest book!

Photo courtesy of Carmela

Official Game Day Program

One thing Kevin and I want our wedding to be is personal, so we created a design that included all of our guest’s names that we can use for wedding program and favors. We used a free program called Wordle to create this cute collage, and inserted black and white silhouettes of some of our favorite things, like hockey, running, meat, fish, and bunny rabbit.biggrin

Note: If you want a name, or a word, to appear larger than others, just type it in multiple times.  It took me and Kevin several tries to figure it out!

Here’s the official wedding program that we created. We actually called it an official “game day” program because our wedding is hockey themed.

I did the program layout and Kevin printed each page and put them together. It was definitely a team effort! We did all this at home, using our color printer. We went through two color ink cartridges, quite a few glossy papers, and we even had to buy a special long reach stapler to staple the papers together … but it was much cheaper than having it done at Kinko’s who quoted about $8.00 per booklet! eek

We put our photos on one side, and the wedding party on the other. We called our Maid of Honor (Saori), bridesmaids (Maya and Tiffany), Best Man (Winston), and Best Men (Daichi and Liwei) the Starting Lineup!

The seating chart was designed to resemble a hockey rink. Instead of numbers, each table gets our favorite Kings player!

The wedding is divided into three periods, just like a hockey game.  First period is the ceremony; second period is the cocktail hour, and third period is the reception!

Official Wedding Day Program: 80 sets

Ink cartridges: $67 x 2 = $134.00
Cardstock (for cover): $10.00
Inkjet Paper (bright white): $10.00
Long Reach Stapler: $45.00
Total: $199.00

Pros:  We still have paper and ink left, and we get to keep the stapler!  It wasn’t cheap to make these programs but it sure beats $640-plus to get them made!

Food Tasting

The best thing about having a wedding – aside from marrying the most awesome guy in the world – is free food tasting! Many places charge for tasting, but ours was included in the package. Woot woot!

Kevin and I got to try two salmon dishes, two chicken dishes, and a vegan dish, along with six appetizers during a sampling session at our wedding venue last week.

It was a tough decision but we picked our favorites. I hope our guests will enjoy our menu selections!