NYE Osechi Prep


Our New Year’s Eve was spent doing what we do every NYE – help Kevin’s parents with Osechi making. Well, I say “making” but I don’t do any of the cooking, of course. Kevin’s parents do all the cooking, which can take up to a week to prepare, and Kevin, my sister in law and I go and help pack all the little dishes into a box called “ojyu” (お重) on the day they are either picked up or delivered.

Osechi is a traditional Japanese food that’s enjoyed on the first of the year, and they make about 10 to 15 boxes every year for their friends.

Even this process takes about six hours. It’s pretty hard core.





osechi new 1.pngosechi 2.png

osechi new.png

Afterward, we headed over to our friends’ house for another great yearly ritual — our ghetto fabulous KFC celebration dinner!  This time, Popeyes chicken joined in the fun for a taste test.

The verdict:  KFC all the way.

御節の後は友達の家でこれまた毎年恒例のケンタッキーディナー。今回は食べ比べで「ポパイス (Popeyes)」のチキンも参加。勝者は圧倒でケンタでした。



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