You’re So Sweet: March 14


March 14 is quite a busy day for sweets on both ends of the Pacific Ocean.

In Japan, the day is called, “White Day.” No, it has nothing to with race, of course, but it has a lot to do with love and sugar. You see, Valentine’s Day, on February 14, is the Japan’s equivalent of Sadie Hawkins Day where a girl gets to ask a guy she likes out, or at least tell him how she feels about him, by giving him chocolates.

It’s a clever marketing ploy by a chocolate company, I tell you, but it’s a big deal for them gals!  Some of them wait an entire year for this special day and wait patiently until the 14th of the following Month, on White Day, to receive a response from the guy via white chocolate or marshmallow, hence the name.

Here, in the U.S., it’s National Pi Day!

The two events occasioned me to bake something sweet and because I wasn’t in the mood for pie, I went for some good old brownies, courtesy of Martha Stewart.  I know brownies have nothing to do with White Day or Pi Day, but I say sugar is sugar!


I used the Godiva dark chocolate bars that I received as a birthday gift a few months ago, and added one cup each of dried cranberries, chopped almonds, and white chocolate chips, in an attempt to clear out the freezer. I think these made the brownies extra decadent, perfect for the sweet March 14.

3 thoughts on “You’re So Sweet: March 14

  1. >I know brownies have nothing to do with White Day

    Brownies are fine for White Day. Actually, neither white chocolate or marshmallows are very popular…so not many people give either of those anymore.

    • Hi Tokyo5! That’s good to know! With so many wonderful sweets available in Japan, who eats marshmallow these days, right? LOL.

      I see that you live in Japan! I was born in Tokyo but moved here when I was a kid. Do you speak Japanese?

      Thanks for visiting my blog!


      • >who eats marshmallow

        As for me, I hate marshmallows! 😉

        >I was born in Tokyo but moved here when I was a kid.

        Do you ever return to Japan for a visit? We visited Los Angeles once in 1994. There was no internet back then, so we didn’t really know where to go.

        >Do you speak Japanese?

        I can. Not always with proper grammar, though. 😉

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