Hello Kitty Massage Bar

IMG_7812 IMG_7813

I posted this massage bar recipe before but I thought I’ll share it again.  This time, I made the Hello Kitty version of the Lush-inspired solid lotion, using the silicon mold I purchased on Etsy.  I used the White Tea and Ginger fragrance oil, along with lavender and Tea Tree Essential Oils.  They smell incredible and they’re a great remedy for dry skin.

Handmade Massage Bar (aka solid lotion)
Makes 4 bars (only three are shown above because I’m already using one!)

Add 2 oz each of the following:  Sweet almond oil, bees wax, and shea butter.  Add 1 tsp of Jojoba oil.  Melt everything in a microwave (about three minutes, stirring every minute).  Add your favorite Essential or Fragrance Oils, stir well, and pour into silicone mold.  Let it sit for a few hours until hardened.


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