Charming Diner in A Quaint City: DISH


My beloved sewing machine has been running non-stop for the last few days, working hard to finish up Pon Pon’s costume in time for her first Halloween. It’s a very simple costume (more detail on that later) but I’m making matching ones for two of her friends, so it’s sucking up all my time and sanity. And since I’m making them on a fly, with no patterns or instruction, I’m making tons of mistakes along the way – to a point where I had to go to the nearest Jo Ann Fabrics and Crafts to get some more supplies.  redface


We trekked out to La Canada Flintridge on Sunday afternoon for my craft errand, and stopped by Dish for a late lunch afterward.

First, what a cute little city La Canada Flintridge is!  It’s a bit out of the way from our families, Kevin’s work, and our social circle, but I fell in love with this irresistibly charming and quaint town. (I was like, “OMG, I want to live here!” then Wikipediaed the demographic information afterward and found that it “ranks as the 143rd most expensive U.S. city to live in, with a median home price of $1,321,367.” Great …cry)

Second, ah, Dish … what a cute place! We dined there around 3:00 p.m. at an off hour and the place was pretty much empty, which was great for Pon Pon (she can make some noise and not bother other patrons). The food was decent (not spectacular but above average for a good old coffee shop / diner) and service could have been better (the waitress who helped us was sweet and pleasant but it took a while for us to get our orders in), but I really liked this place.

I ordered the Green Goddess Grilled Cheese Sandwich (tasty but it was so heavy that I only ate half) …


… and Kevin enjoyed Tuna Melt.


The side of “Grown Up” Mac and Cheese (I recommend this to blue cheese lovers).

Okay, off to buy some Power Ball tickets so we can someday afford a place in this city. lol

3 thoughts on “Charming Diner in A Quaint City: DISH

  1. I had just about the worst service I have ever experienced at this place. the food was good, but the service was so bad I refuse to go back.

    • Hi Mratito! What a bummer about the service. I hear you on that. I luckily didn’t receive the worst service ever, but we didn’t get any for a long time. The hostess finally had to come over to take our drink orders before our waitress showed up. Did you receive a bad service or no service, or both?

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