Twenty-Five Years Later


I had lunch this week with a friend who I haven’t seen since sixth grade.  We reunited after 25 years (wow, that’s a quarter century eek! ).  We went to Japanese school together and even though she lived in LA for only six months, I remembered her vividly.  We reconnected over Facebook (of course!) and exchanged comments and “likes” over the last few years, and she contacted me when she was in town visiting her old stomping ground with her husband and lovely daughter from Hong Kong.

It was so wonderful to catch up and learn about her life journey of the past two decades!  She was exactly how I remembered — sweet and kind, with a youthful smile!

On the walk back from the restaurant to the car, I stopped at Hashimoto Nursery on Sawtelle and picked up a few herbs (spearmint, parsley OMG, it was cilantro, dill, and lavender).  Summer is here and there’s no better time than now to cook up simple and refreshing meals using these fresh herbs!

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