Celebrating Father’s Day with Three Dads


Chirashi, with assortment of sashimi

This year’s Father’s Day was extra special because this was my husband’s first time celebrating it from the other side, as a new dad! It was great to have three incredible fathers and their loving wives all join for sushi dinner at Ichibankan in Woodland Hills on Saturday night – first time all six of us got together since the birth of the baby in February.


Sudako — picked cucumbers and octopus

We had a wonderful time, despite Pon Pon’s occasional screams. redface She cried a little at the restaurant so my husband and I had to take turns walking around and even going outside for a few minutes to calm her down. This was very unlike her, as she’s usually very calm in restaurants, even in late afternoon. But all in all, she was a delight and she definitely made her grandmas and grandpas (and us parents too, of course) very happy.

Despite having done this only for four short months, my husband has proven to be an amazing father.  I always knew that he would be one but he surpassed my expectations beyond imagination.  He is incredibly supportive and unbelievably patient, and keeps me together every day. Words cannot express how much I appreciate everything he does for the family.  Pon Pon and I are incredibly lucky.

Okay, now that I’ve buttered him up, I hope he forgets the fact that the gift I ordered for Father’s Day didn’t arrive in time.   lol


Scalloppacio — today’s special dish

I hope everyone had a wonderful Father’s Day!  Being a father is definitely not an easy job and I’m thankful for all the incredible men out there who take this often under-appreicated but unbelievably important duty of raising a human being very seriously.

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