Super “Bowl” Party


My husband and I hosted a small Super Bowl party tonight at our place.  It was an intimate get-together with just us and our friend Nicole, but we had an absolute blast! I am not at all a football fan — in fact, I think the last football game I watched in its entirety was back in high school and that was only because I had a crush on a boy on the team — but I wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to host a fun home party with a wonderful friend.

Instead of a traditional football viewing party with nachos and hot wings, Kevin whipped up a variety of “bowls” for the occasion lol, including unagi (eel), oyako (chicken and egg), and poke (tuna). The idea was a little tongue and cheek, but the food came out delicious and the party was a touchdown!


Unajyu (eel bowl)


This is “Oyako don,” which loosely translates to “parent and child bowl” because the egg (child) comes from the chicken (parent). It’s kinda gross if you really think about it .eek


Poke, made with chopped raw tuna, onion, and cucumbers.

We spread the toppings on the dining table, buffet-syle, and we created our own bowls. I couldn’t eat the poke bowl because it’s made with raw tuna but the unagi and chicken definitely hit the spot!

Special thanks to Nicole for coming over (with fabulous gifts), and Kevin for doing all the cooking (my only contribution today was smashing avocados for guacamole and open the container of salsa) … I’m the luckiest girl in the world to be married to such an amazing chef!

bowl party

Of all the Super Bowl commercials, my favorite was the Budweiser’s “Brotherhood.”  Thanks to my prenatal hormones, I got so emotional watching it. I definitely got teary eyed, especially when two soul brothers reunite at the end!

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