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One of the best gifts we received this holiday season was Roku, a device that allows streaming movies and shows to be viewed on television (thank you so much, Kristina and Joe!). I’ve been absolutely hooked on watching the old seasons of Project Runway from Amazon Prime. Luckily, many of those seasons are still “in” since I’m so behind. I’m absolutely head over heels for designer Mondo Guerra from Season 8, as well as Project Runway All Star, and his usage of outrageously bold prints and colors!

I’m not into fashion at all when it comes to my own clothes (I can live on same black sweater and a pair of jeans for years … and I have) but I’m absolutely fascinated with the process of putting together a look — from the fabric selection, to detailed construction, to styling the overall look. Watching the show makes me want to learn more about it!

I read somewhere that if a person studies one topic every day for one hour for eight straight years, he / she will have obtained the knowledge of a PhD (or something like that). I’m not aspiring to be a fashion designer (being a good seamstress is more than enough) but I’m going to make it my goal for 2013 to make fun and wearable garments for me and Pon Pon, using my favorite fabrics.

2 thoughts on “Randon Thoughts on Sewing …

  1. Awwww, I liked your old blog name a WHOLE lot better. This one… well… it’s just not the same for me. But I’m sure you have good reasons for the change.

    • Hi June! Oh no! LOL. I miss “Time for Dinner” too but I was ready for a change. It’ll definitely take some time to get used to it myself. But my rambling about food will continue!

      Thanks for visiting! 🙂


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