Welcome to Lavender and Olive


Some of you may have noticed that this blog has gone under a little facelift recently.  First off, the title has changed from “Time for Dinner” to now, “Lavender and Olive.”  As many of you know, this blog started in 2007 as a simple online journal to document my then boyfriend and now husband and my dining adventures in the Los Angeles areas and beyond.

After more than five years, it has grown into something much more than just a ramble about food and our dining experiences.  It has blossomed into more of a place where I talk about my other hobbies, such as soap making, knitting, and sewing.  It began to feel a bit funny to keep using the food-centric title, when craft topics now occupied as much, if not more, real estate here.  That’s when I knew that it was time for a much-needed update!

The name of the blog stems from my two favorite gifts from nature – lavender and olive.  There is nothing more comforting than a deep soothing scent of lavender, and I am absolutely head over heads for velvety olive oil, for both consumption and on skincare.  These two ingredients are always found in the soaps and other body care products that I make.  It’s also the name of my Etsy shop, where I sell handmade soaps and other crafty creations (more items to be added shortly).  I especially love that there’s a word “LOVE” hidden in it.

The blog name may have changed (the URL will remain the same), but it’ll be business as usual. I’ll continue to write about our search of good food and my crafting endeavors. I may talk more about our bundle of joy who’ll be joining the world in a few months.

I hope you’ll continue to visit and spend time with me on this humble place on the blogospehre (yes, all three of you).  Thank you for your continuing support and welcome to Lavender and Olive!

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