Dim Sum and Then Some

26 weeks

It feels a bit narcissistic to post a picture of myself posing with my belly bump, but here it is, at 26 weeks. This is my first picture of my growing belly!

Speaking of pregnancy, I found out recently that seven of my friends / family are expecting a little bundle of joy in 2013 – SEVEN! That’s a lot of mommies-to-be, and I’m so happy about it. I’m looking forward to sharing the journey with them, and partake in play dates when the little ones arrive next year.

Anyone else out there with a little bun in the oven?

dim sum 1

Since we’re on the topic of buns, we had a great breakfast / lunch on Sunday. It was my mother-in-law’s birthday so we went out to a nearby Chinese joint for some dim sum fun! I’m trying to reduce the seafood and sodium consumptions so some dumplings tasted slightly bland (without the hot sauce), but they definitely hit the spot.

dim sum 2

My favorites were the garlic chive dumplings (right) and steamed cake (not pictured).

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, and ready to take on another great week!

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