Better Late Than Never: Lacy Scarf

I finished the Lacy Scarf for Maya over the weekend.razz I started the project back in April and it sat there for a few months, but it’s finally finished and ready to be shipped to her for her birthday!

I’m thinking about making this for myself, maybe in a different color. I love how it fits around the neck. It’s not too heavy because it’s airy but it keeps the neck comfortably warm!  I’m glad Maya suggested to double the width from the original pattern.  I think I like this size much better than skinnier version.

Cooler weather and the urge to knit certainly go hand in hand. Now that the season has officially turned to fall, my love for knitting reignited in full force. I can’t stop thinking about what to knit next. My goal for the season is not to acquire any more new yarns and try to use up everything I already have. I have a few sock yarns that I purchased a while back so maybe it’s time to cast on my first sock soon.

Updated 12/26/12: Thanks, Maya, for sending me the picture! Here’s my BFF with the scarf! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Better Late Than Never: Lacy Scarf

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