Another Baby Blanket

I finally got around to weaving in the ends and blocking the baby blanket I knit for our little Pon Pon this week! The blanket sat on the back of the dining chair for many weeks, because I just couldn’t get myself to sew in the loose yarn, wash the blanket, and pin it on the blocking board. In the knitting process, they are three of my least favorite things to do. I don’t know why but I just dread them sometimes.

But I’m happy that it’s all done now and I can cross this off the baby project checklist. I really love this blanket. I’ve made two of the same ones (with different color combinations, and this time, I used a worsted cotton yarn instead of wool) for two of our friends (here and here) and I knew that I was going to make one for our own someday.

All my life, I could only imagine having a girl, if I were blessed with a baby. I just couldn’t think of growing a tiny wee wee inside me and begging him to please take a shower when he became a teenager! But when Kevin and I learned about the pregnancy, we somehow thought the little bun in the oven would be a boy. I have no idea where that came from, but we were pretty convinced. So, when I first started picking out the yarns for the blanket, all I could select were blue, green, and other boy colors! I put in white and yellow, just in case, but there was definitely no pink in the picture.

Halfway through the project, we learned that we are expecting a girl. lol It was too late to add another color (the blanket was already long) so I just continued on with the original combination … and to my surprise, I loved how it turned out. There are no pink and other girlie colors, but I think it came out pretty gender neutral. I remember that my favorite blanket grown up was yellow so I hope Pon Pon will like these colors as well.

This blanket was inspired by Purl Soho’s The Super Easy Baby Blanket and Chevron Baby Blanket. I was actually pretty set on making the latter when I first picked up the knitting needle but changed my mind and decided to make it simpler. The colors were definitely inspired by the Chevron Baby Blanket. From the moment I saw the photo, I was in love.

All yarns are Blue Sky Worsted Cotton ($14.10 each) and purchased at

  • 607 Lemongrass
  • 608 Lemonade
  • 80 Bone
  • 635 Sleet
  • 628 Azul
  • 634 Periwinkle

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