DYI Wedding Invitations

Every time I think of wedding invitations, my mind immediately goes back to that painfully funny scene from the movie, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, where the mother takes the liberty of ordering the invitation against the bride’s will! eekI still don’t know if I should laugh or cringe when I see the cards with a huge blue Greek flag printed on the front!

Wedding invitation is such an important part of letting our guests know who we are as a couple, and we wanted them done just right … so we put on a designer hat and got busy creating our own little cards!  We wanted them to be simple, personal, and no frills, … like us.

We ordered all the cards and envelopes from LCI Paper. I highly recommend this shop if you’re looking to make your own wedding invitations! They offer wonderful products, helpful tutorials, and great customer service, at a very reasonable price.

I accidentally ordered more cards than I needed (I forgot that 90 guests mean 45 set of cards, and not 90 since they come in pairs … duh), so I have enough to make holiday cards for many years to come! lol

Here’s what we created:


Save the Date Card

RSVP Card: People seemed to really like the response choices!

Gift Registry: Instead of registering for gifts, we requested guests to donate to their favorite charity.

Direction Card

We also created a Website to house all the information for guests to visit.

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