Official Game Day Program

One thing Kevin and I want our wedding to be is personal, so we created a design that included all of our guest’s names that we can use for wedding program and favors. We used a free program called Wordle to create this cute collage, and inserted black and white silhouettes of some of our favorite things, like hockey, running, meat, fish, and bunny rabbit.biggrin

Note: If you want a name, or a word, to appear larger than others, just type it in multiple times.  It took me and Kevin several tries to figure it out!

Here’s the official wedding program that we created. We actually called it an official “game day” program because our wedding is hockey themed.

I did the program layout and Kevin printed each page and put them together. It was definitely a team effort! We did all this at home, using our color printer. We went through two color ink cartridges, quite a few glossy papers, and we even had to buy a special long reach stapler to staple the papers together … but it was much cheaper than having it done at Kinko’s who quoted about $8.00 per booklet! eek

We put our photos on one side, and the wedding party on the other. We called our Maid of Honor (Saori), bridesmaids (Maya and Tiffany), Best Man (Winston), and Best Men (Daichi and Liwei) the Starting Lineup!

The seating chart was designed to resemble a hockey rink. Instead of numbers, each table gets our favorite Kings player!

The wedding is divided into three periods, just like a hockey game.  First period is the ceremony; second period is the cocktail hour, and third period is the reception!

Official Wedding Day Program: 80 sets

Ink cartridges: $67 x 2 = $134.00
Cardstock (for cover): $10.00
Inkjet Paper (bright white): $10.00
Long Reach Stapler: $45.00
Total: $199.00

Pros:  We still have paper and ink left, and we get to keep the stapler!  It wasn’t cheap to make these programs but it sure beats $640-plus to get them made!

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