Pink Penguin’s Lunch Bag

If I were to ever change career, I would love to be a textile designer. Yes, I still want to be a bread baker, pastry chef, yarn shop owner, and food writer (I’m a dreamer), but sewing up something using my own, originally designed fabric sounds pretty darn fantastic.

Just like fashion, my taste in fabric designs changes pretty frequently. I started out with Amy Butler, then moved on to Heather Bailey, Joel Dewberry, and to Liberty (all of which I still love) … and now, I’m really into Eshino, particularly the polka dot design!

Here’s the lunch bag I made over the weekend, using Pink Penguin’s tutorial. I LOVE Ayumi and her well written, fool-proof instructions. She certainly knows how to write up a tutorial that is incredibly easy to follow, even for beginners. In fact, her Reversible Drawstring Bag was the first project I made after I purchased a sewing machine back in 2008.

The bag has a drawstring bag inside so you can carry small things without worrying about spilling over. I used a heavy duty interfacing for it so it came out very sturdy. I am so in love with this bag, I may make many, many more. I’m even thinking it’s great to organize all my extension cords and wires that have become out of control in my storage.

I purchased these fabrics from PurlSoho when I was in New York last summer (not the recent trip … but I did bring home a whole lotta fabrics from that trip too).

On the food front, Kevin and I went out for lunch at Ahoha Food Factory on Saturday, as I was craving macadamia nut pancake like a mad woman!

I finally remembered to save some room for shave ice! My favorite — strawberry with sweet milk. It was crazy hot over the weekend, and this definitely hit the spot for us!


4 thoughts on “Pink Penguin’s Lunch Bag

  1. Love you, Hirono-san!! I am so in love with the lunch bag you made! Of course your stitching is completely perfect and the fabrics you used for it are die to for! The pancakes are making me so hungry. Maybe I’ll have to make some for myself now!

  2. Thank you, Ayumi-chan! I am absolutely in love with this bag. Your tutorials are simply genius. They are impeccably written, and you help bring enjoyment to sewing. I hope one day, real soon, you’ll publish your own set of books with these amazing ideas.

    How’s Japan? I bet you the weather is beautiful now. I loved the sakura pictures on your blog. あの桜を見て、急に日本に遊びに帰りたくなっちゃた!お花見したです。

    Your #1 fan!

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