Cheering at the LA Marathon

Congratulations to all the marathoners who completed the LA Marathon!  Joseph, my former running buddy, Tiffany, and I didn’t run the race this year but went out to the race course to cheer the runners and walkers on at Mile 11, on the corner of Hollywood and Highland.  We took the Metro Red Line from the Universal City station so we didn’t have to worry about traffic or parking.  Easy peasy.

After we spotted our friends, we walked to Mel’s Drive In for breakfast.  As much as I like to enter races and feel the sense of accomplishment when I cross the finish line, I was very glad that I was on the other side this year.  You need to be 100% committed to run a marathon and my heart wasn’t in it this year.  Hopefully I’ll be back next year!

After I returned, I packed up my bag to take the red eye to Chicago for work.  I squeezed in one last juice before I left.  I’ll be looking to Naked Juices to keep my juicing on track during the business trip!

2 thoughts on “Cheering at the LA Marathon

  1. Being, I am new to the whole ‘ Vegan’ thing, and saying that I know naked juices are not that per say, I have been skeeereddddddddd to try a ‘ veggie juice! Maybe I need to try and veggie, fruit juice and see how that goes? A friend laughed at me the other day for though I have the heart of a vegan, my taste buds seem to lack, I am just not a huge veggie eater, sigh, so any way I can get them, I need to get them! 🙂

  2. Hi Traci!

    I had the same fear when I first started juicing vegetables too. But I was surprised that adding some fruits (like apples and pears) really made a difference! When you juice vegetables (even the stinkier ones like kale, celery, and cucumbers), the tastes really go away! I still don’t like putting broccoli in the juice but I like everything else! I recently discovered that putting in a lemon really cuts all the bitterness. If you like ginger, it can help too! You can do it!

    I heard that it takes 15 tries for human body to accept something new … LOL. I hope it won’t take that long but I’m sure that you’ll start to really appreciate the flavors!

    Let me know how you’re doing!


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