Tofu Smoothie

Today was the 12th day of the 15-day cleanse … and it’s still going strong! I haven’t posted much in the last week because I got tired of taking pictures of the same broccoli salad day in and day outlolalthough I don’t mind eating it at all. I actually still crave the salad on a daily basis, and my body gets really happy when it’s time to eat.

I started this plant-based “diet” for detoxification purpose, but I like the way I feel after eating fresh vegetables and fruits so much that I’ve decided to take it longer than 15 days. I think I’m going adopt this as my regular lifestyle! I’m not ready to give up fish and dairy altogether just yet, and I’m sure I’ll have an occasional beef and pork, but it probably won’t be in my regular repertoire going forward. If eating mostly plant-based food for a little over a week has this much positive affect on my body, I wonder what it can do if I continue … and I’m excited to find out.

I really like what Michael Pollen said about eating: Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plant.

I had a banana that was about to go bad, so I made a smoothie with it. Instead of milk or even soy milk, I added tofu … and it was amazing (I used about ½ of the pack for one serving)! I picked up this super soft tofu at a local Korean market. I’m sure the regular soft tofu in a container works too, but pick these super soft ones if you have a chance. When mixed with fruits (I used both fresh and frozen strawberries, kiwi, and banana), tofu gives out the texture very much like ice cream or frozen yogurt.  It’s seriously super delicious.

I love you, The Magic Bullet blender.

2 thoughts on “Tofu Smoothie

  1. I use soft tofu that I have liquifed in place of dairy in soups and sauces all the time. It’s not that I avoid dairy, bu that it adds a creamy texture that is low fat and high protein, and doesn’t curdle the way non fat milk does.

    • Hi RRatito! Thanks for the comment! That’s a great idea, to add the liquified tofu in soups and sauces! I’ve got to try it out sometime!

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