Getty and Mozza

Breakfast (9:00 a.m.): I ate grilled mackerel (with grated daikon radish and ponzu dipping sauce) and a bowl of rice for breakfast.

The meal was good, but the fish stunk up the entire apartment. It reminded me of the time I microwaved a piece of fish at the office at lunchtime and stunk up the entire building. I was the most hated person at work that day.  More than 10 years have passed since the incident, but I’m still feel embarrassed just thinking about itredface.

Getty: I took a field trip to the Getty Museum with Tiffany and Shannon in early afternoon. We stopped by Starbucks on the way, and I had a grande iced coffee and cinnamon coffee cake (350 kcal).

A few artworks that impressed me where:

I totally recommend that you spend $5 for the self-guided tour.  I feel so blessed to live in a city where such art is only a hop and a skip away

Lunch / Dinner (4:00 p.m.): Late lunch / early dinner at Pizzeria Mozza with Tiffany, Shannon, lovely R, and friends.  This was my second time dining at this lovely joint.

Wine: We shared two bottles of Rossese di Dolceaqua, Cascina Feipu dei Massaretti (we each had about two glasses each). Heck, I don’t even know how to pronounce the name but the wine was pretty darn good!  It tasted more like Kir than red wine.

Appetizers: Prosciutto di Parma and Bufala mozzarella, Nancy’s Chopped Salad, and Arancine alla bolognese (fried risotto).

Pizza: White Anchovy, Tomato, and Fresno Chiles; Coach farm goat cheese, leeks, scallions, garlic & bacon; and Bianca with fontina, mozzarella, sottocenere & sage.  We had a slice of each per person, for a total of three mouth-watering pieces.

The anchovy one was my favorite, although the goat cheese one was pretty close.

Desserts:  The four of us shared Meyer lemon gelato pie with Champagne vinegar sauce & candied lemon zest, Espresso granita with espresso gelato & chocolate dipped honeycomb, and Caramel copetta with marshmallow sauce & Spanish peanuts.

It was heavenly.

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