Uneventfully Delicious

I had okonomiyaki for breakfast, lunch, and dinner today. I made a batch of the dough mixture in the morning and made pancakes whenever I got hungry throughout the day. I think I ate about five today.

The dough batch included the following ingredients: ¼ head of cabbage; 2 medium carrots; 1 medium onion; 3 green onions, about a tablespoon graded yamaimo; 2 medium eggs; 5 tablespoons flour; and 7 thin pork slices.  I ate about half a batch so nutritionally, it was pretty balanced. The only downside is that I used a lot of mayonnaise and ketchup.redface

I munched on a handful or two of Pucca (chocolate pretzel snack) throughout the day. I may have had a little too much.  I feel pretty heavy today, despite not eating super heavy or greasy food.

Today was a very uneventful (but delicious and satisfying) culinary day. Okay, off to roll around the floor with a foam roller for my 30-minute daily workout.

P.S.  Happy birthday, Dad!  May this year be filled with great health and happiness! I love you!

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