Trip to Mason

I spent the last three days in Mason, Ohio, a suburb of Cincinnati, and had a blast. It was so nice to see everyone there!  I didn’t take pictures of most of the things I ate during my business trip, but here are some.

Monday, January 23:

Lunch:  I ate sushi during my layover in Charlotte, North Carolina. I know – it’s crazy to fly across the country to NC and backtrack to OH, but that was the cheapest flight I can find (direct flight from LA to Cincinnati was about $900).eek

Dinner:  After I checked in to the hotel, my friend / colleague Mandy and I want to a neighborhood Asian fusion restaurant, Dao Bistro, for late dinner.

Our eyes were definitely bigger than our stomach when we ordered these massive amount of appetizers, between the two of us!

I had Ja Jang Mein, sutamyeon noodle with vegetable and pork serviced with black bean sauce.  This was really delicious!  And it came with a side of takuan (Japanese picked radish) and kimchi.

Tuesday, January 24:

Breakfast:  Super-fattening croissant breakfast sandwich with egg, cheese, and mushroom from the hotel.  Kinda regretted eating it afterward … I should have totally gone with a bowl of oatmeal or yogurt … redface

Lunch:  (Not pictured):  Had a pan-fried chicken breast with green apple and fennel salad, with a side of rice pilaf and green beans for lunch.  I couldn’t believe how delicious everything were, especially considering that they came from an office cafeteria!

Dinner:  Dinner at Montgomery Inn with the group.  I had its famous ribs and pork chop combo.  They were so delicious, especially the BBQ sauce.  For snack, we went to Ohio’s own Graeter’s and experienced its divine Black Raspberry Chips and Black Berry ice cream.   I wish I took pictures!

After I returned to the hotel, I had to put in a few hours of work, and I was up until around 3:00 a.m. to get it done.mad I was so mad at first that I had to stay up so late but I felt much better when I found my favorite movie, It’s Completed, on TV!

Wednesday, January 25:

Breakfast:  Breakfast biscuit with egg, ham, cheese, and potatoes.  Another bad choice.

Lunch / Dinner:  Ate a smoked salmon bagel sandwich with low-fat cream cheese, onion, tomato, and capers, at the airport.  I also ate half a bag of Kettle Chips.  The only thing I was able to get my hands on once I was on the plane was the cheese and cracker box … so I spent a hefty $8 on four tiny pieces of cheese, four crackers, two strawberries, and some grapes.

By the way, tonight’s flight home was one of the bumpiest plane rides of my life.eekThe turbulence was so severe, I felt like I was riding a roller coaster!  I heard more than a few nervous screams from passengers.

I could have definitely done better food-wise on this trip.  I’m ready to get back into eating more consciously now that I’m back to a regular routine.  It’s so nice to be home!

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