Full O’ Life

Breakfast (10:00 a.m.): Smoked salmon sandwich (with onion but no avocado this time) and a cup of coffee with creamer and agave nectar for breakfast. I was bummed that my morning conference call got cancelled today.  I was actually looking forward to this call (it was a staff meeting) since I haven’t talked to some of my teammates in a while. I would hate for it to be March already when we finally exchange the Happy New Year greeting. Oh, the joy of a virtual team!

Lunch (1:30 p.m.): Met up with friend Noelle for lunch at Full O’ Life Natural Food Markets and Restaurant in Burbank. I’ve shopped there before but never ate there so I was really excited. I was also excited to see my former Yahoo colleague to catch up! We had a really great conversation over the salmon plate that I ordered, that came with dinner salad and baked yam. It was a little pricy at about $14.00 (for such a small portion) but it was really delicious.

Dinner (7:30 p.m.): Smoked salmon, onion, and avocado salad and a piece of ciabatta bread for dinner … and two glasses of wine with my sister.  I was having so much fun with her that I forgot to take photos.

Workout:  I worked out with my sister at a neighborhood park / baseball field today. My legs started cramping up so I wasn’t able to do some of the moves and I was extremely bummed.sadI really need to shed some excess weight so I’m not putting too much pressure on my legs and back. A minimum of one hour cardio from now until the Los Angeles Marathon and the wedding … it’s the trainer’s order!

Haircut:  I don’t know what came over me but I cut my bangs the other night in the bathroom. I’m not sure what to think about my new hair-do just yet. I think I was a bit depressed last week because it was my birthday week. Birthdays are meant to be a celebration but I get a little emotional during this time of year. And I missed the dinner party that my parents planned for me last Saturday because I thought I was coming down with something.cryBut I’ll get over it in a few days and I’ll be back to my usual, cheery self hopefully very soon.

I know it’s a little narcissistic of me to post pictures of myself, but I wanted to put the before and after shots here for my records.  Please forgive me.

4 thoughts on “Full O’ Life

    • Thanks, Saori! Anything to look younger! But it takes some time to straighten the bangs! I keep them pinned when I’m at home!

  1. I LOVE THE BANGS! I really want some again too!! I havent been feeling that great so I have been behind on the posting. You are so diligent on them, I need to be better at that!

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