Lunch (11:30 p.m.): I ate vegetable and shrimp pancake (leftover from yesterday’s lunch), with sushi vinegar and soy sauce dipping sauce. This is a cross between Japanese okonomiyaki and Korean pajeon. I skipped breakfast so I ate little more than I should have, even if it’s lunch.

Dinner (7:00 p.m.): My sister was supposed to come over for a workout tonight, then dinner afterward, but I felt like I was coming down with something so we postponed our session and my birthday dinner to sometime next week.cryI was a little bummed because I was looking forward to sweating with my sister but I think it was best that I took it easy. I started getting sore throat a few days ago and it’s still lingering. I feel fine except for the throat but I want to be cautious.

I was craving a bucket of KFC but didn’t want to get out of the house, so I made tonkatsu, fried pork, for dinner. Good thing I had a pork tenderloin in the freezer that I purchased last week.  This was my first attempt at this (or any fried food, actually) and made lots of mistakes (wait, you mean I have to season the bread crumb too?), but it turned out pretty decent.

Accompanying the pork was thinly shredded cabbage, called “sengiri kyabetsu.” Sengiri means “sliced in thousands” and it’s a typical way we Japanese eat the vegetable. By the way, my father is the biggest cabbage fan I’ve ever seen. He eats cabbage almost every day! I think I got that from him because I too love this sweet, crunchy, and incredibly versatile vegetable, even though I don’t eat as much as he does. (One of my favorite cabbage dishes is Korean salad.)  I also had a bowl of white rice, and homemade red radish pickle.

On a craft note, I finally got around to blocking the wrap I knit a few months ago. I purchased blocking mats from Knit Picks before the holidays and I’m really happy that I did. This wrap is called Guernsey Wrap by Brooklyn Tweed‘s Jared Flood, which was my first project from my knitting school.

The wrap design looks very intricate and it may come across super complicated, but it’s actually very simple. It knit incredibly quickly and I really enjoyed this project! I totally recommend this for intermediate beginner knitters!

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