Mozza Fever

Here’s what I ate today …

Breakfast: It’s so difficult for me to eat breakfast so my sister, caring for my body, gave me a box of Special K cereal for Christmas. She said that it’s better to eat this than nothing at all … so I had a bowl with almond milk this morning. I probably won’t be able to eat eggs and potatoes for breakfast, but I can certainly eat this. It’s pretty darn good. Thanks, sis!

Lunch: A bowl of white rice, topped with several different kinds of kimchi that I picked up from a local Korean supermarket: squid, cucumber, and root vegetable … and seaweed salad.

Also had leftover from last week’s Christmas dinner: A slice of turkey breast, green bean casserole, stuffing, and cauliflower salad.

Dinner: Dinner at Tiffany’s, with Shannon and Roya, for a girls’ night in. We cooked up (I actually read the ingredients and instructions out loud as Tiffany and Shannon cooked in the kitchen) dishes from The Mozza Cookbook: Tricolor Salad (with arugula, endives, and radicchio, tossed in Caser-inspired dressing), mussels (with homemade garlic mayonnaise), and crostini. We are crazy about Osteria Mozza and Pizzeria Mozza, so needless to say, this was a fantastic night.

Not pictured: Fubuki manju (Japanese sweets) after lunch, banana bread (baked by Shannon) before dinner, and 2 glasses of red wine with dinner.

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