Suprisingly Delicious Kale Juice

Strange things happen when you put up an antenna on your head.  When you increase an awareness about something,  all the like-minded people and things start appearing out from nowhere.  I’m sure you’ve experienced it yourself too.  Once you purchase, say, a new car, you suddenly start to see all the cars with the same model and color that you never noticed before.

I’ve been putting on a juicing antenna for a few weeks, and out of nowhere, a handful of people who are either on the juice kick or have been thinking about incorporating juicing in their life came out of the woodwork!  biggrin

It was my friend D’s random status update on Facebook that introduced me to a book, “Crazy Sexy Diet,” by Kris Carr.  Her story is pretty inspiring.  After she was diagnosed with this rare cancer that seemed to have no cure, she turned her life around by changing the way she treats her body.

She started the Crazy Sexy revolution by introducing a wonderful vegan diet to beautify, inside and out.  I started reading the book a few days ago, and I’ve learned a lot in a mere few chapters.  I haven’t started her 21-Day Cleanse just yet (I haven’t even gotten to that chapter), but I certainly have juiced more frequently than before.

I drink the carrot / celery / ginger / apple juice regularly and I consider this to be a “safe” recipe.  The concoction is very sweet and aside from celery, there’s nothing in there that are really scary.

I recently started adding more vegetables into my juice to take it to the next level and this one if one of my new favorites.  I went to a local grocery store and picked up what looked good that day, and came up with this recipe.

Surprisingly Delicious Kale Juice
(Makes about 20 oz of juice, good for 2 tall glasses)

3-4 stalks of organic kale
2 large or 4 thin carrots
3-4 stalks of celery
1 large orange or yellow bell pepper
2 small or 1 large apples
1 medium pear
I piece (thumb size) of ginger (I usually put more because I love ginger like crazy)

I have to admit that the juice smells like kale but there is really no stinkiness or bitterness in the juice itself. The drink is really sweet and refreshing and is recommended to anyone who is a little afraid of greens.

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