Asian Food Superstar: Bibimbap

My fiancé and I went to see the latest Harold and Kumar movie over the weekend. It’s called A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas … and it was 90 minutes of pure awesomeness.

We had to pay extra $4 to watch it 3D but it was well worth our money (and this was my very first 3D experience). It took me a while to watch the first Harold and Kumar movie but once I finally got around watching it, I became an instant fan.

I love the fact that these two actors who portray potheads in the movie are super smart in real life. In the entertainment world where leading male Asian roles are very scarce, it’s refreshing to see, not one, but two fine Asian American actors in such naughty roles that celebrate Asian stereotypes in such a politically-incorrect way.

To celebrate the shining Asian stars, here’s my Bibimbap I had for dinner. 🙂 (I know … that was a stretch.)

This is a super “lazy” version of the Korean rice dish. All I did was stir fried julienned zucchini, carrot and shiitake mushrooms and a handful of bean sprouts separately in a medium pan with sesame oil until they’re tender, piled them on top of steamed white rice, and enjoyed with a dollop of Ssamjang and Sriracha.

The traditional version has spinach, fried eggs, meat, and other delicious things on top to make this delicious rice bowl taste even better!

This is one of my favorite Korean dishes and I am so happy that it’s so easy to make, which makes it perfect for the midnight munchies.

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