I Heart Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Forget haute couture — after I watched The Devil Wears Prada the other day (I love this movie so much), all I can think about was the grilled cheese sandwich Nate made for Andy!  The version I made for lunch the other day may not have $8 worth of Jarlsberg cheese in there like Nate’s designer version, but it was still pretty amazing, with generous portion of Fontina cheese hanging out between two thick slices of sourdough bread.

And yes, I’m proud of my ghetto, homemade Panini press!  It’s no designer press but it still does the job!

8 thoughts on “I Heart Grilled Cheese Sandwich

  1. oh my that looks yummy. you know funny story, i NEVER knew how to make a grilled cheese sandwich until i met Aaron. I never made one myself growing up or seen anyone do so. So I assumed.. toaster oven and cheese yes? Aaron laughed at me so hard the first time i insisted on making him cheese and i was warming the oven -_-

    • That’s so funny, Remi! But I know exactly what you mean! I was the same way with French toast! I thought I had to bake it in the oven … LOL. That’s probably how most people feel about Japanese food. 🙂

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