Not a Torture Device: Yarn Swifter and Ball Winder

I’m not much of a “gadget” person. I can’t get myself to purchase anything that is only good for one function, like a Panini press or Ebelskiver pan, for example, although I want both of those things terribly. Items that I welcome into my home must be able to perform at least two functions, if not more. Otherwise, I have trouble justifying spending my money on them.

Except, of course, when you’re talking about a knitting yarn swift and a ball winder! For non-knitters, the names may suggest that they’re some kind of medieval torture devices (or worse, some sketchy “toys” eek) but they are absolute essentials for handspun- and / or hand dyed yarn-loving knitters who need to turn a hank of yarn into a knittable ball. Their sole purpose of existence is to roll the yarn into a ball, but without doing so, a knitter will end up spending many, many frustrating hours trying to untangle a string of yarn. They’re absolutely worth every penny. (Check out these videos to find out how yarn swifter and ball winder work.)

I purchased my swifter and ball winder in the summer, right after I brought back a bag full of wonderful hanks of yarn during my last visit to New York’s Purl Soho in July.

I am currently knitting another, slightly-modified version of Super Easy Baby Blanket using those yarns for a lovely couple who’s expecting their first baby boy in December or January. The fun part about this project is selecting the color scheme. It took me a while to figure out the order of colors, and I was a little unsure of my decision at first. But I started to like it more and more after each block, and now I’m absolutely in love! I’m using the Alchemy Temple again for this blanket and I get a warm and fuzzy feeling every time I knit a stitch.

My first class at Knitting University at my LYS starts this weekend.  I’m so excited to finally learn the basics of knitting, which I completely lack at the moment.  Wish me luck!

Update (October 29, 2011): The baby blanket is complete! I couldn’t think of the best way to photograph the finished project so I draped it over the form. I was surprised to see that it can actually double as a wrap … hmmm … I’m getting some ideas now!

4 thoughts on “Not a Torture Device: Yarn Swifter and Ball Winder

  1. I have always wanted to learn knitting! My grandma is so good at that and she always makes the best things, but I have tried it two or three times and it ended really bad 🙂 Good luck and have a lot fun!

  2. Thanks, Lenna! I was the same way! I knit my first scarf when I was a teenager and it was a total disaster … and it took me almost 20 years to give it another shot … LOL. Knitting can be traumatizing sometimes, for sure!

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