Hawaiian Getaway: Aloha Food Factory

I am surrounded by so many Hawaii-loving friends … but then again, who doesn’t love the islands full of good people, delicious food, and picturesque scenery? Two of my running pals T and S are Hawaii-ophite. T travels to Hawaii almost every year, and S is actually from Kailua. And my fiancé, with the collection of Hawaiian shirts in his closet, he might as well be Hawaiian. So, it’s no surprise that we often find ourselves dashing for a Hawaiian lunch after our weekly Saturday morning runs around Pasadena’s Rose Bowl.

Ever since my fiancé introduced us to Aloha Food Factory, a tiny shack that looks like a converted Taco Bell in Alhambra a few months ago, we’ve been hooked. We fantasize about the food that awaits us and we often rely on the mouthwatering images of Kalua Pig, Spam Musubi, and its famous Macadamia Nut Pancakes to get us through the final mile around Rose Bowl.

I was never a huge fan of Hawaiian food until this place.  I really enjoy the food here, as well as the kick-back atmosphere. The place is small and dive, but I really enjoy the fact that it feels like you’re sitting in someone’s Hawaiian mom’s kitchen.

Our lunch always begins with a can of Hawaii Sun’s Pass-OGuava Nectar juice, or POG for locals, followed by combo plates piled with proteins like Teriyaki Chicken, Portuguese Sausages, Pork Char Siu, and Kalua Pig. The side of Potato / Macaroni Salad is always a treat, although we are very aware of the calories that’s contained in the innocent-looking scoop!

Hawaiian food is not healthy by any means. Aloha Food Factory is probably a place that we can come only after running beforehand, with six miles under our soon-to-be bloated belt. We eat, therefore we run indeed.

Aloha Food Factory
2990 W Valley Blvd, Alhambra, CA 91803

5 thoughts on “Hawaiian Getaway: Aloha Food Factory

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  2. Happy 300th!
    And wow that shredded pork looks good… even though I don’t eat pork anymore lol. Totally reminded me of Hawaii 🙂

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