My Sister’s Birthday Ritual: Wakasanchi

I finally decided to join the civilization and purchased an iPhone a few months ago. I am not particularly tech savvy so I’m sure I haven’t even come close to tapping all the amazing capabilities of this smart phone, but I am liking it so far!  And it has certainly made my bag a little lighter. I no longer need to carry my digital camera every time I go out to eat, in case I decide to take pictures. I think the quality of these photos is pretty good!

Here are the photos from me and my family’s recent Wakasanchi outing to celebrate my sister’s birthday, just like last year. I’m glad this day’s omakase menu was packed with seafood. I think my father would have rather had something different but my mother and I, the fish lovers, sure enjoyed the assorted sashimi, salmon, and several types of shrimps!

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