First Project of the Year: Irish Hiking Scarf

There is no better combination than cold weather and reruns of Law and Order SVU to rekindle the old flames with knitting – the craft I love very much but have deserted for so many months due to my love affair with sewing. I actually thought about sewing up small projects over the New Year weekend but decided to dive into knitting instead because it allowed me to sink myself comfortably on a couch and catch up on one of my favorite crime shows, rather than running back and forth between a cutting and ironing boards, and the machine.

I have been eying on this free Irish Hiking Scarf pattern from Hello Yarn for many months now but I was always intimidated by cable knitting, ever since I struggled to decipher the oh-so confusing pattern of the Fashion Cable Bag a few years ago. I’m glad I decided to give this scarf a chance because the instruction was incredibly easy to read, and it was a real pleasant experience, even for a rookie cable knitter like me!

I used Rowan by Amy Butler yarns, Belle Organic DK in Hibiscus. I am actually not finished with the project just yet because I only had three skeins with me and I would need three more to make it long enough. I’m not really sure if this is the best yarn to knit a scarf although it is beautiful, especially if you like something really chunky and warm around your neck.  But this one turned out perfect for me, ever since I discovered that heavy ones, like the ribbed one I knit a few months ago using alpaca yarns, hurt my neck a little. Because it’s relatively thin and light, I think I can wear it in the spring, even when the cold weather subside and the reruns of my favorite crime show eventually ends.

3 thoughts on “First Project of the Year: Irish Hiking Scarf

  1. I totally agree! My next goal is to knit socks and hopefully make cable ones. I am so motivated by the beautifully socks you knit!

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