Bahn Mi for Me (Courtesy of My Boyfriend)

Bahn Mi, a Vietnamese sandwich with choice of meat, picked root vegetables, cilantro, and some jalapenos, first popularized by Lee Sandwich and more recently by Nom Nom Truck, is probably one of my favorite sandwiches out there. I love the combination of sweet and tang, as well as the crunch of daikon and carrots that sit beautifully between a perfectly baked baguette. It’s a perfect combination of French culinary sophistication and Vietnamese creativity.

For dinner, my boyfriend and I grilled a leftover Korean marinated short rib, or galbi, to make the sandwich, and topped the beef with his homemade garnish of daikon radish and carrots he marinated in vinegar, sugar, and other flavorful condiments. He pretty much did everything for dinner and he even did the dishes! Now, that’s a prefect weekend dinner and a great way to start the long Labor Day weekend.  Thank you, sweetie. 🙂

Check this beautiful blog, Kuidaore, for everything and anything you ever wanted to know about how to make bahn mi! Jocelyn, an amazing cook, baker, and writer, went all out on her bahn mi project.  Passionate Eater, another one of my favorites, has a great recipe too!

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