5 thoughts on “Gone Fishing …

  1. HIIIII!!! OMG! That picture truly said a thousand words!!
    Wish I am there with you… it is so beautiful!

    Miss You!!!

  2. Hi Maya! Aaah, I had the best time in Mammoth — just relaxing and eating, and relaxing and eating … and eating! And I didn’t even cook once! I have the best boyfriend in the world who cooked for me all week! I wish you were there tooooooooo! I miss you so much too. I must come up to PDX immediately!


  3. I agree with Maya that the photo is AMAZING & BEAUTIFUL! I can feel the breeze & the waves. You’re becoming such a great photographer & have an eye for everything beautiful.
    Glad you enjoyed some time off too 🙂

  4. Hi Saori! Thanks for the compliment about the photo! It means so much coming from you because you are an amazing photographer. I’m surprised that you didn’t take up photography professionally. I still remember when your photo was selected to be the cover of the university catalog seen by the entire student body. What an honor!


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